The former five-star captain, who was demoted to co-pilot, had planned the suicide since January, including the arrangement of the other pilots assigned to the flight. He deliberately pulled the plane up, then subsequently caused the plane to dive straight down while cutting off all communications with air traffic control. These actions were a direct retaliation against the society. The co-pilot has been a victim of one of many CCP’s money scams and ended up with a huge amount of debt. In addition, he had family members who had been vaccinated and died due to the vaccine. He was also vaccinated, he determined that he did not have long to live. His act of retaliation caused the death of 132 lives.

In 2018, Miles exposed that all planes flying under CCP controlled airlines in China were forced to install the Quick Access Cockpit Voice Recorder, aka Cockpit Bug. It can save up to 3 months of recording with 100% data protection. In the co-pilot’s retaliation, he made several statements that were recorded by the Cockpit Bug that explained what drove him to take these actions. The cowardly CCP dare not release this data that includes these statements. Instead, they sent their brain-dead psycho-phants to attack the tweet on social media which exposed the truth.

The CCP creates an atmosphere which leads people to cause harm to each other, which can lead to social disasters. The only way to save humanity is to take down the CCP!

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Newscaster: Chris, 七哥老妹

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