The CCP will certainly incite their cohorts like Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Syria to start a regional war in the Middle East with the intention of taking the opportunity to control the oil supply in East Africa while blocking the Strait of Hormuz.

This is Xi Jinping and Putin’s play of “besiege Wei to save Zhao” – This is the second of Thirty-Six Strategies outlined in the book ‘The Art of War’, which basically means in order to save an ally, one distracts the opponent by launching attacks against a region that is of importance to the opponent’s interests.

The CCP’s plan to ignite wars in the Middle East is a scheme long crafted with Putin. This is, to unite all the world’s evil rogue states, evade the sanctions launched by the West, paralyze the world’s energy supply, and collapse the oil supply of the U.S. and the West; and force Europe to resume buying oil from Russia and abort the SWIFT sanctions, all the while, paving the way for the CCP to reach for its long sought-after prize – to take over Taiwan by military force.

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