Edition and Translation : Jenny Ball
Review: yuddy

Watching Miles’ live broadcasts has become an important event for the Whistleblowers’ Movement, as Miles has not only exposed the most intelligent information in the world, but has also provided in-depth analysis of the stories and meanings behind news events. For example, consider the significance of President Biden’s one-word response, “Yes” to Taiwan’s President, Ms. Yingwen Cai, in today’s GETTR broadcast.

Miles stated in 2017 that Japan would become a UN regular. Miles was under intense pressure to say it at the time, particularly from his international political friends. They mistook his words for a joke. Miles: “I’m talking about looking forward to the future of Sino-Japanese relations.” I know that the more insane the CCP becomes in the world, the more likely Japan will become a regular UN member. This is common sense.

When President Clinton stated to Japan that he may consider reorganising the United Nations and welcomed Japan’s participation in UN reform. The CCP’s GDP was not as powerful at the time. The CCP protested vehemently against the US, and the US took it back it. Obama stated at the G7 meeting in Japan that Japan was welcome to participate in UN reform and reorganisation. The price was Obama’s public apology that this was just his thought, and it was completely overturned. Do you know which sentence from President Biden’s speech yesterday was the most important?

The one word that most frightens the CCP is “YES,” which has altered the pattern between CCP China and the U.S. Taiwan policy. Just one sentence to the UN: Japan is welcome to join the G7. The phrase has never been more direct. There is no ‘but’; the United Nations must be reformed. Since the G7 is the second United Nations, the Economic UN, the United States, France, Germany, and Italy, as well as Australia and India, account for more than half of global GDP.

The CCP has an official article on China’s economic development from the size of the G7 economy. The final conclusion is that no country can compete with China, and the G7 without China has no meaning to exist. The G7 without China’s participation is worthless. The world economy needs me, Xi Jinping, to take the pulse. Talking about Japan’s becoming a permanent member is tantamount to war. The CCP’s General Wang Hongguang said in the Great Hall of the People, “If the United States dares to go to Taiwan with a warship and send one soldier, I will kill you.” You see how much the CCP hates Taiwan and wants to smash Taiwan into rubble. This is the so-called CCP’s relationship within the G7, with Japan becoming a permanent member and Taiwan.

“Welcome to Japan to join the permanent members,” Biden said this time. The entire world is anticipating the next sentence. Conditions with a “but” are required in the United States. But there will be no more “buts” from President Biden. This is terrifying. Looking back in time, there must have been a “but” about this subject. How will Europe handle it? Europe understands that the United Nations will undoubtedly be the United States and Japan once Japan joins, as part of the Indo-Pacific strategy. At the same time, the United States, Japan, India, and Australia are equal to the second UN, putting Europe at risk. The third group, the communist bandits, has no wiggle room. China and Russia will undoubtedly withdraw.

When the second UN is formed, it will be a small Europe, or NATO in Asia, with the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Australia as members. When India is included, the game is over. A thorny necklace will be wrapped around the CCP’s neck. The Kim family dynasty in North Korea must be deposed, and the country must be returned to South Korea. The U.S.’s move is far too powerful. With the establishment of NATO in Asia, the CCP will no longer be treated as an agent in Asia. Russia will undoubtedly disintegrate.

The UN’s five permanent members serve as the Earth’s board of directors. What is the idea behind including Japan? Japan must work with South Korea, and Australia must be given more space in the United Nations. It will be divided into three powers: NATO in Asia, NATO in Europe, and the United States. This is extremely important, not only strategically, but also economically. The former United Nations will be defunct and will cease to exist.

The UN reform now consists of two points:

1.         Human progress in space and on Earth will affect the entire planet in the future, as will hunger caused by a big population, pollution, climate change, and outer space. These four major concerns are escalating on all fronts, and there is no opportunity for compromise on them.

2.         The second point to consider is future human rights. Violence and dictatorships will never be tolerated. The UN must address these two issues: the US must be in charge, and China and Russia must be excluded. China, Russia, Iran, and all other dictatorships must be expelled. At the UN, the two camps, East and West, are separated. Humans will face the future together, and all regimes that use people as slaves will be overthrown. This is its primary significance.

There are many ignorant, stupid, selfish thoughts in China that cause more harm, and add to that the current vaccine crisis, the food crisis, and now the CCP China is besieged and beaten. Previously, the entire world was holding CCP back on the invisible front. Everyone wishes to grow together. So, when the CCP was accepted as a partner, people suddenly realised that it had come with no good intentions, so the world secretly tolerated the CCP. Now, as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the international community is clearly calling for a CCP board meeting, talking about fighting Russia, sanctioning Russia, but aiming at the CCP. The Straight to Asia, to Korea and Japan, but most importantly, to UN reform.

Link of Miles live broadcast May 24: https://gettr.com/streaming/p1b3e7k8191