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Translated by:  MOS English Team-Mark Wen

Swiss President Cassis announced in Davos on May 24 that the Ukrainian reconstruction conference will be held in Switzerland from July 4 to 5 to collect funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine, which suffered massive damage since the Russian invasion; Zelensky called on the Allies to pressure Russia by exchanging prisoners of war.

Image source: RFI

Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmigal and Foreign Minister Kuleba were invited Davos meeting online. Switzerland has issued invitations to the leaders of more than 40 countries. Swiss President Cassis said that the meeting in particular will focus on the commitments that the World Bank, the OECD and the European Union have made to rebuild Ukraine. Cassis also made it clear that Zelensky would attend the meeting, but he did not elaborate on what form Zelensky would take part in. War losses in Ukraine are estimated at $600 billion. Lithuanian Finance Minister Sakalet urged the EU to set up a fund to help ease the financial burden of countries hosting thousands of Ukrainian refugees, as it did for Turkey in 2016.


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