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Translated by: OX News Team – Mike Hua

It is reported on May 24, German high-rank officials projected that, as a part of Russia’s economic sanction, EU will ban Russian oil import in the coming few days. 

Image Source: REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier

According to reports, Vice-Chancellor of Germany and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck stated on German domestic broadcast channel ZDF, that the EU members will reach an agreement in a few days to ban Russian oil imports. 

However, Robert added, only embargoing oil will not influence Russia fundamentally, it will even escalate war. According to his explanation, because the U.S. banned Russian oil import this March and caused world oil price to surge, Russia gained more money from rising oil price despite decreased export oil amount. 

In regards to this matter, Robert said that the European Commission and the U.S. are drafting plans to contain oil price surge. 


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