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On 21 May 2022, at the Medyka Refugee Relief Center in Poland, The Rule of Law Foundation, The New Federal State of China and other international organizations were invited to visit the refugee camp in Lviv, Ukraine. A man in charge of the refugee camp in the center of the city took pictures of the vest worn by the ROLF and NFSC volunteers because it represents that the volunteers of the NFSC who went to help in Ukraine are different Chinese who against dictatorship and war.

The following is a conversation between Nicole, the NFSC and ROLF volunteer, and the man in charge of the refugee camp in the city centre.

Sir: “A nice pose.”

Nicole: “Nice pose, yeah. Why do you want to take a photo of this vest?”

Sir: “Because it represents different Chinese people, not Chinese people in China, you are different”.

Nicole: “yes, we are from the New Federal State of China, we are the real Chinese who taking down the Chinese Communist Party.”

Sir: “Understand”.

Nicole: “They (the CCP) are supporting Putin, they are supporting this war. We are against Putin and the war. We are here to help refugees.”

Sir: “I heard on the Ukraine news: The Chinese people in China at the moment are not very supportive of Putin. It is my information from Ukraine media and other media. The Chinese in communist China have also changed their view towards the war and Putin, and they support the winners rather than the losers. Putin is the loser, and they don’t want to support the losers.”

Nicole: “Andw people want to support the people, not the dictator, so we are supporting the Ukrainian people. We support your freedom and independence.”

Sir: “Thank you!”

Nicole: “That’s why we’re here. Our tent in Medyka has received more than 21,000 Ukrainian refugees, and we have helped many Ukrainian mothers, children, babies and grandmothers. We stand with you.”

Sir: “Thank you”.

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