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Image: Shanghai Daily

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) laid out the long-term and anti-epidemic normalization of the zero Covid policy, requiring all provinces and cities to prepare a certain number of Square Cabin Hospitals.

On May 23, the Medical Affairs and Health Administration of the CCP’s Health Care Commission called for regular epidemic preparedness. As a result, a certain number of infrastructures needed to be routinely renovated and several Square Cabin Hospitals were required to be prepared around the country.

By the end of April, Beijing has completed the task of converting 4,000 beds into a reserve. It is also pressing ahead with the planning and construction of large-scale Square Cabin Hospitals at some large sites and the site selection and planning for the conversion of these hospitals.

Henan Province requires places to strengthen the centralized isolation point reserves. Shangqiu City will spend 135 million yuan on building permanent Square Cabin Hospitals and creating 1,000 square cabin isolation points.

Shanghai has built more than 100 Square Cabin Hospitals, half from the renovation and half from new construction. Data show that Shanghai Square Cabin Hospitals’ investment is about 16 billion yuan, accounting for about 2.06% of the fiscal revenue in 2021.

At present, there are nearly 400 Square Cabin Hospitals built and under construction all over China. The long-term zero policy will result in the virus not being “zeroed out”, government finances being “zeroed out”, people’s income being “zeroed out”, and small, medium and micro enterprises “Zeroed out”.


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