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In Gettr livestream on May 22, Miles Guo revealed that the 70 years of the CCP’s rule have been 70 years of political conflicts within the party and among the people.

Miles points out that after Mao’s illegal overtake of power in China, he waged one political movement after another to solve the problem of how to designate his successor and establish himself as a God, which had nothing to do with the national interest of the country. And in the end, Mao achieved his absolute centrality in the party.

According to Miles, Mao’s “criticism of the right” was to push the “Great Leap Forward” to the extreme. At the same time, it led to a nationwide comparison and politicization of all social activities such as agriculture, childbirth, and sexual relations between husband and wife, caused a large scale of people starved to death in the famine that followed. Meanwhile, Mao enjoyed a luxurious spiritual and material life. Rumor has it that Mao did not eat meat when the common people were starving. In fact, Mao’s appetite increased because of the hunger of the common people, and he enjoyed all kinds of delicious food at all times.

Miles emphasized that Mao was not targeting Liu Shaoqi, but every senior opponent inside the party. As he believes a good life for the people and CCP officials will endanger his life. Nowadays, Xi Jinping has copied Mao’s strategy and let his opponents act freely, and eventually they will all be purged.

Miles is very worried that Xi will follow Mao’s example and sacrifice countless more lives of ordinary Chinese people to eliminate all his opponents. One of the most important goals of the New Federal State of China is to save as many Chinese people as possible.

Posted by: Xueli