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Translated by: MOS English Team-Jack H

The U.S.-Japan-India-Australia Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) summit is held in Tokyo on the 24th. As reported on the 23rd, the leaders of the four countries are expected to present relevant content about cutting-edge technology into the joint statement. The four countries will build a government-to-public dialogue mechanism on 5G communication technology and biotechnology, intending to formulate common principles to build a supply chain that does not rely on Communist China’s products such as its chips.

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This is the second time that the leaders of QUAD have taken a face-to-face talk since the Summit was held in last September in Washington DC, United States. According to report, India, which has persisted a “non-alignment” policy, is reluctant to participate in an organization with military alliance, hence, the four countries will focus on cooperation in fields of economy and advanced technology where Communist China and the United States have already competed.

According to the draft joint statement of the QUAD leaders meeting, which was obtained by a news agency, the United States, Japan, India and Australia will establish a communication and dialogue mechanism between the government and the industry in the fields of 5G and future 6G communication technology and biotechnology. In terms of 5G, the four countries will agree to diversify operators, improve interoperability and security. According to the analysis, the four countries seek cooperation between the government and public due to a sense of crisis they are having. The analysis states that there are no domestic private enterprises could compete with Communist China’s companies such as Huawei, which has occupied most of the market shares with international communication equipment.

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In addition to strengthening cooperation in the areas such as cutting-edge technology, the four countries also prepare to include Covid-19 vaccine cooperation into the joint statement. According to the report on the 21st, citing a source from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the four countries will reach an agreement on reinforcing provision of the Covid-19 vaccines to the international community at the leaders’ meeting on the 24th. According to the News, the four countries’ move is aimed at countering Communist China’s growing influence on supplying the vaccines to the developing countries. Moreover, due to the “vaccine gap” between different regions, they also intend to demonstrate the influence of the QUAD.


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