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Translated by: Vancouver Sailing Farm – Henry W

On May 22, Miles Guo revealed in his Grand Live Broadcast that there is no possibility of any improvement in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) system and that no one in the Party can replace Xi Jinping.

According to Miles Guo, if Xi Jinping survives until after the 20th National Congress, the CCP will remain under his rule no matter what position he holds, the same way as Mao Zedong still started the Cultural Revolution to send the Chinese to hell even after he retired from the Chairman position.

Miles also pointed out that the atrocities committed against Uighur women in the Xinjiang concentration camps by CCP-related personnel were more brutal than one could ever imagine. However, under the CCP’s rule, the conscience of the entire nation is gradually deteriorating, which directly results in turning Communist China into a society of mutual destruction and people live like slaves with their fate worse than the livestocks.


Proofread/Edited by: cosmo YZ.
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Posted by: Moli C.