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Since the Australian Government repatriated Jiefu Zheng, who slandered Mr. Miles Guo, Linzheng Pan disappeared for some time.  Pan’s YouTube channel “Oz Media” has not been updated since Mar 13, 2022, but he appeared on his channel and tweeted on Twitter on May 13, 2022.

Coincidentally, a female Chinese reporter, Echo Hui, repeatedly slandered the Whistleblower Movement and started attacking GETTR. After she attacked the Himalaya Exchange on April 18, she released a video titled Inside the secret chat rooms censoring critics on a pro-Trump ‘free speech’ social media app on ABC News on May 15, 2022. This information was directly quoted from Linzheng Pan’s irrational remarks that GETTR’s censorship policy is even stricter than China’s websites, which is ridiculous!  

At the beginning of the article, Echo Hui indicated that: “An ABC investigation has uncovered how Australian followers of an anti-Chinese government movement are censoring critics on a “free speech” social media platform.”

And in her original article,” she deliberately used the word “Anti- Chinese Government Movement,” and manipulated” Anti-Chinese” in conjunction, and this exposed her evil motive. Everyone knows thattheWhistleblower Movement always takes action on Anti-CCP and never Anti-Chinese. Moreover, the Whistleblower Movement strictly objects to linking the Chinese and Chinese Communist Party in the same cluster. For the above reason, Hui had a rotten motive at the back.

Source: Inside the secret chat rooms censoring critics on a pro-Trump ‘free speech’ social media app – ABC News

Hui continued expressing her view about Gettr:

Twitter look-alike app Gettr bills itself as a platform “defending free speech” and has become a safe space for divisive personalities and those spreading conspiracies about COVID-19 and President Joe Biden’s family.

She directly tried to defy the supporter of the Whistleblower Movement as “divisive personalities” and regarded CCP Virus (COVID 19) and COVID 19 vaccine disaster as” Conspiracy theory,” moreover tried to consider Gettr as a simply “anti- President Joe Biden” social media, so her real purpose is definite: to make Gettr much more misunderstanding. Actually, since the set-up of Gettr, Gettr has accommodated different views and voices, especially the voice of “anti-COVID 19 vaccinations,” which is blocked by the majority of social media. In fact, Gettr is the only one who defends “freedom of speech.”

CCP committed genocide and massacre in Xinjiang, suppressed the Hong Kong people cruelly and started biological warfare worldwide. CCP is the most prominent terrorist organization; any speeches that incite and support terrorism are the opposite of freedom of speech, so deleting pro-communist speeches by Gettr is a justice action to protect “freedom of speech.”

Back in 2019, a report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) showed that Mr. Miles Guo encountered the biggest network attack by CCP. By large amounts of the data analysis, the researchers in ASPI found that the network attacks on Mr. Miles Guo were far greater than the attacks on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests, details from the article” Series 7.24-CCP’s attack on Mr. Miles Guo”. But ABC, which the Australian Government subsidies, ignored CCP’s attack on Mr. Miles Guo and even ABC often published fake articles about the Whistleblower Movement and Mr. Miles Guo. ABC is standing by the evil CCP.  Echo Hui, who is the former contributor of “South China Morning Post” and “Caixin Media,” often published articles about the attacks on the Whistleblower Movement and Mr. Miles Guo; what is her real purpose?  History will provide the best answer for all!

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