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Translated by: MOS English Team – Wenfei


Starting from next week, the volunteers of the New Federal States of China (NFSC) will return from the humanitarian rescue operation for Ukrainian refugees at the Medyka frontline, announced by Miles Guo during the Miles Grand Live Broadcasting on May 22nd.

The decision was made by the Global Himalayan Alliance Committee of the NFSC after passing a resolution. It says since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reached a stalemate, fewer refugees are in need of help at the front lines as much as there were two months ago. In addition, the continuation of the current efforts not only consumes significant manpower and material resources but would also become similar to the showing-off like the CCP would always do.

Miles remarked that leaving Medyka does not mean that the good people of the NFSC will completely withdraw from the rescue operation in Ukraine. On the contrary, it is currently helping form strategies in Eastern Europe, the impact of which will go far beyond humanitarian aid. “The next operation in the near future will be more unexpected than a mere humanitarian aid.”

Miles emphasized that this humanitarian aid cements the relationship between the Chinese and the Jewish people. The two industrious and wise people who suffered from persecution and suppression from warfare and tyranny have been working together on the frontline of Eastern Europe; further, they are working together to take down the CCP, both ideologically and financially. All brothers and sisters at the frontline are making great history between the NFSC and the international community, and it is just getting started.


Proofread / Edited by: Henry W.
Chief Editor: Saturn M., Moon G.
Posted by: Emily G


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