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Translated by :MOS English Team – Summerfire

On May 20th, a Japanese media conducted a survey in the city of Nagoya on whether people would like to receive the CCP virus vaccine. Half of the people surveyed no longer want to be vaccinated. It is reported that the vaccination rate of the first two doses in Nagoya City is about 85%, while the rate for the third dose has remained at 60%.

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More importantly, the survey shows that those who want to be vaccinated say that they do not get the vaccine because it is useful, but rather because they want to get the loose policies granted by the Japanese government through vaccination, or they do not want to cause trouble to people around them if they do not vaccinate.

People are learning more about the vaccines; such as, the effect of vaccines is not satisfactory, the side effects of the vaccine are more serious than symptoms from viral infection, and that they have seen people around them die after receiving vaccines. These are the main reasons why people are no longer willing to get vaccinated.

As a result, a large number of CCP-virus vaccines have expired in Japan, and the number of staff on the vaccination site has long exceeded the number of people receiving the vaccine. Some vaccination sites are already considering closing in the near future.


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