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Translated by: Mos Translation Team cosmo

On May 23rd, local time, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and visiting US President Joe Biden had their first meeting, followed by a press conference.

Premier Kishida said President Biden agreed with all of Japan’s proposals for reforming the UN Security Council and the UN itself to ensure that the world’s two largest international organizations can handle the responsibility of maintaining global peace and stability. President Biden further stated that the US would support Japan in becoming the permanent member of the UN Security Council following the completion of the reform.

Later, Prime Minister Kishida indicated that, in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war, Japan, as the speaker country in the next year’s G7 summit, will make next year’s summit an important meeting in the history of humanity that clearly opposes the use of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, and any attempt to subvert the international order.

The focus of this Japan-US summit is essentially an echo of the disclosure from Miles Guo a few years ago, which is that if the UN system would continue to exist after the reform, then Japan would probably become a new permanent member. As a result, Japan will once again become the center of Asia.


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