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Previous article 7.24 Series Vanguard Group – Control the world traditional media (I), introduced the information of the controllers behind the three major media groups, namely Comcast, WarnerMedia, and News Corporation. This article will continue to introduce the following influential traditional media to readers:

1) The New York Times

The New York Times, founded in 1851, has won 130 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper. It ranks 18th globally and 3rd in the U.S. by circulation, with a market capitalization of about $6 billion. The New York Times is generally considered to be the major newspaper for liberals. Although it has been criticized a lot in recent years, the New York Times is still regarded as a representative of serious publications and has a great influence on the media circles around the world.

With the same investment strategy for all previous media mentioned, Vanguard Group and BlackRock are also the largest institutional investors in The New York Times: Vanguard Group holds about 15.6 million outstanding shares, accounting for 9.38%; BlackRock holds about 12.6 million shares, accounting for 7.59%, are the first and second-largest institutional holders respectively.

Among the top ten mutual funds holding The New York Times, there are four fund management companies owned by the Vanguard Group, ranking second, third, fourth, and seventh respectively. iShares Core S&P 500 ETF ( IVV ) ranked first is one of BlackRock’s largest ETFs.

2)The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company, is a diversified multinational media conglomerate in the United States with a market value of approximately $186 billion. Walt Disney Studios is one of the largest and most famous film studios in the United States today. The Disney Company owns and operates the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), one of the mainstream television networks in the United States, as well as the Disney Channel, Entertainment and Sports Network, Arts and Entertainment Network, Freeform, FX, and National Geographic. And has 14 authorized theme parks around the world.

Among the top ten institutional holders of The Walt Disney Company, Vanguard Group ranks first, holding about 130 million shares, accounting for 7.32%; BlackRock holds about 75 million shares, accounting for 4.12%. There are at least two other fund companies associated with Vanguard and BlackRock.

The Walt Disney Company’s top ten mutual funds list includes four Vanguard Group fund managers. BlackRock-related iShares Core S&P 500 ETF also appeared.

3) Viacom

Viacom’s main business includes movies and cable television. As of statistics of 2011, Viacom was the fourth-largest media group in the world, after The Walt Disney Company, Comcast, and WarnerMedia.

Viewers in 160 countries or areas watch programs provided by Viacom’s Music Television Network (MTV), Black Entertainment Television Network (BET), and Paramount Pictures through TV, film, mobile platforms, and online networks. Viacom operates 700 traditional media outlets with nearly 700 million global users. On December 4, 2019, Viacom once again merged with CBS Corporation to form Viacom CBS, and the CBS television network is the third-largest network in the world.

Paramount Global is Viacom’s publicly traded name, among whose institutional investors Vanguard and BlackRock rank second and third respectively. Vanguard Group and T Rowe Price Associates, which is heavily owned by BlackRock, also appears in the top 10 institutional investor list at No. 7.

In addition, among the top ten mutual fund investors of Paramount Global, there are four fund management companies owned by Vanguard Group. The Vanguard and BlackRock-owned T Rowe Price Fund and the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF are also on the list.

control almost all major media in the world, covering newspapers, magazines, television, radio, movies, and entertainment. Not only that, but the Pioneer Group also controls data centers around the world, as well as social platforms and big technology companies around the world. As Mr. Guo Wengui said in the grand live broadcast on May 18, 2022 that all media are in these swamps. On a platform controlled by the Communist Party, we can speak the truth like a cry on the nineteenth floor of hell. It’s too hard!

Pioneer Group and BlackRock control more than data centers and media platforms. They are also the largest investors and owners of big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck. We will discuss in the next article 7· 24 series of articles for a detailed interpretation.

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