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Translated by: MOS English Team—Mark Wen

It is reported on May 20 that the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Russia in response to the Russian-Ukrainian war broke the seclusive life of Russian oligarchs who were hiding in Rotach-Egen, Germany and Lake Tegen in the Alps.

Image Source: nytimes

Russia’s war in Ukraine and its sanctions against Russian elites have raised doubts that it is still right to turn a blind eye to the source of wealth for those admitted to the region. Teigen Lake’s doubts exemplify a national reflection on a similar situation. Usmanov was born in Uzbekistan which is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He made his fortune in metal and mining businesses and owns three villas by the lake.

Locals say Usmanov comes to Tegen Lake at least three times a year. His private jet is owned by a company in the Isle of Man, Airport officials revealed that none of the passengers on the plane were using Russian passports.

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Usmanov’s PR team explained that the properties had been transferred to a trust several years earlier in a “completely transparent and legal” manner. They also said Usmanov had nothing to do with the Ukraine crisis and was not close to Putin.

Two of Usmanov’s neighbors found two luxury cars parked in the parking lot of his bodyguard’s residence. They claimed to have repeatedly asked officials to inspect the vehicle to see if it was within the scope of the sanctioned seizure. Oligarchs are now unable to pay the workers who serve them because of sanctions. In late March, many locals protested outside Usmanov’s villa.

Image Source: wikipedia

Some residents say they are being neglected, while most politicians and businessmen benefit. And locals are being driven away by rising house prices. Compared with Germany, Italy’s response was faster. Italian authorities used anti-Mafia laws to identify and seize Russian oligarch yachts and villas relatively quickly.

As the war in Ukraine continues, the Tegan Lake villa remains closed and untouched.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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