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Translated by: MOS English Team –Juliet

In Gettr livestream on May 22, Miles Guo mentioned that GFashion has become popular among internet celebrities. All the popular and first-line internet celebrities are actively wearing GFashion, and the Buddhist series has become the most popular ones.

GFashion is the only fashion brand in which the Chinese have participated in all designs. Miles is the chief designer, and the fellows participate in the process of every fabric and cutting, and modification. In the fitting livestream, Miles and the fellows showed GFashion’s production process to all viewers.

Image Source: prnewswire

In addition to the transparency of the design, GFashion also brings everyone a unique and different experience. Compared with the old fashion design, the purpose of most brands is to show the brand itself, not to let people wear clothes, but to let the brand bring external superiority, money, power and so on.

The original nature of the clothes, the comfort and the personal taste, are gone. GFashion is people-oriented, considers fabrics, and pays great attention to the positive interaction between people and clothes. The result of this is that we see everyone wearing GFashion embodies who they are, who is unique.

Image Source: gnews

The functionality and personalization of clothes are displayed. According to Miles Guo, clothes are an extension of human spirit.


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