Written by: Naughty
Translated by: billwilliam

Image source:Gettr

Mr. Miles Guo expressed opinions over the issue of Taiwan during his live broadcast on May 24, 2022. Given that the island still thrived for years under the shadow of the Chinese Communist Party’s threat of armed invasion, Mr. Guo believes a group of Taiwanese heroes will emerge to launch all kinds of resistance in case of a CCP invasion. But because of Taiwan’s geographic environment, this war won’t be similar to Ukraine’s resistance against Russian invasion.   

As Mr. Guo noted, the US promises to protect Taiwan to safeguard American strategic interests worldwide. Joe Biden’s “Yes” to protect Taiwan has several layers of meanings.

First, the US doesn’t promise to protect Taiwan out of the conscience of politicians. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the performance of some NATO countries who should have provided adequate aid to Ukraine—especially Germany and France—is so disappointing. On the other hand, the UK steps up to help Ukraine and behaves like a great power. Biden’s remark is a message of US commitment to protect allies like S. Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.    

Second, Biden’s remark over Taiwan has greatly reduced the chance of a swift invasion of Taiwan by the CCP. The CCP regime will likely lay siege to the island without direct attack, make deals with the international community, and negotiate with the US and Japan to maintain the status quo over Taiwan. This is Biden’s best victory in this trip to Asia.

Third, the purpose of Biden’s trip is essentially to bolster the defense of the US, Japan, and South Korea in the Asia-Pacific region, and to include Taiwan into the defense alliance.

According to Mr. Guo, a fellow inside the CCP revealed to him that all insiders of the CCP realized two previously inconceivable scenarios have become reality.

First, the CCP doesn’t expect Russia to be badly defeated.

Second, the CCP never expects Biden and Japan to adjust their strategy against the CCP so quickly, which is to completely clarify the previous policy of Strategic Ambiguity. Now the CCP regime can only lay siege to the island but doesn’t dare to launch direct attack.  

According to Mr. Guo, if the US doesn’t take a tough stance against the CCP’s potential invasion of Taiwan during Biden’s Asian trip, the island would have been bombarded into rubbles. Biden’s “Yes” is so powerful.