Written by: Ermat

This Biden’s trip to Asia made people seem to see a mighty lion, who had just bitten off the spine of the challenger, the hyena, on a battlefield, ran majestically to another battlefield with the glory of a king, it made a deafening roar, inspiring his companions, vowing sovereignty and deterring the enemy, telling the world that I am the lion king of this land.

Mr. Guo said in the live broadcast on May 24 that Biden’s trip to Asia united Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to put a barbed necklace on the CCP, and today’s result is due to the madness of the CCP.

This time, President Biden’s public statement of support for Japan to become a permanent member of the United Nations is of great significance. Back then, both Clinton and Obama proposed to restructure the UN and welcome Japan’s participation in its reform. But either retracted or repeatedly apologized after strong protests from the Chinese Communist Party.

Over the years, the US and China have developed a competitive relationship, and the US hopes that China will become a partner in the future. But in the end it turned out that the Chinese Communist Party actually had bad intentions and was openly confronting the US over the Russia-Ukraine war. So now the US has gone straight to Asia, straight to the CCP’s northern gate, uniting with Japan and South Korea. Mr. Guo spells out the original reason for Biden’s trip to Asia.

With this, South Korea and Australia will definitely have a greater weight at the UN. This creates a triple power, NATO in Asia, NATO in Europe and the United States. The significance of this is huge. Brotherhood is not only economic, not only military, but also strategically crucial. Don’t think about the UN of the past, the United States will definitely separate China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and other dictatorial countries, and separate the two camps of the East and the West in the United Nations.

Regarding the North Korea issue, Mr. Guo said that Biden recently said that he is not worried about North Korea conducting a nuclear test during his visit to Asia, which means that no matter what North Korea does, the United States has completed the deployment and has sufficient capabilities to deal with North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The United States will give North Korea no chance to even make a move. If it dares to move, let it be crushed to pieces.

Meanwhile Biden flew to not Japan, but the military bases in Japan, and is giving the war power, nuclear war power to the US bases in Japan, which is reducing the war to a normal war authorization that automatically hits you as soon as you make a move.

Mr. Guo said that after the United States joined Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and India, it put a thorny necklace on the Chinese Communist Party so that it would not dare to move a muscle.


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