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1. President Biden Expresses Support for Japan’s Permanent Membership on the U.N. Security Council

FNN reports that PM Kishida held a joint press conference with U.S. President Biden after meeting with him in Tokyo on May 23 and revealed that President Biden expressed support for Japan becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council in a “reformed UN Security Council. PM Kishida stated at the press conference, “I have stated the need for strengthening and reforming the United Nations, including the Security Council, which has primary responsibility for international peace and security, and President Biden has expressed his approval”. He then revealed that President Biden had expressed his support for Japan’s permanent membership on the “reformed Security Council”.

2. Joint Press Conference. “Determined to Fundamentally Strengthen Japan’s Defense Capabilities and Secure an Increase in Defense Spending”

According to FNN, PM Kishida held a joint press conference after meeting with U.S. President Biden in Tokyo on May 23 and expressed his determination to fundamentally strengthen Japan’s defense capabilities. At the press conference, PM Kishida stated, “As the security environment becomes even more severe, I reaffirmed with President Biden the need to urgently strengthen the deterrence and coping capabilities of the Japan-U.S. alliance. He then stated, “I expressed my determination to fundamentally strengthen Japan’s defense capabilities and to secure an increase in defense spending, and we agreed to expand and evolve security and defense cooperation between the US and Japan”.

3. US President Biden Says “Yes” to Defending Taiwan, Transcends Ambiguous Strategy

According to Asahi News, at a joint press conference with PM Fumio Kishida on May 23, U.S. President Biden was asked if United States would be militarily involved in the defense of Taiwan in the event of a CCP China’s invasion, “Yes. That is our commitment,” he replied. Successive U.S. administrations have adopted a “strategy of ambiguity,” refusing to clarify whether the United States would be willing to defend Taiwan in the event of a CCP China’s invasion. Biden’s statement, which clearly indicated his intention to “defend Taiwan,” goes beyond the “ambiguity strategy” of previous U.S. administrations.

4. Will “Hydrogen at the Same Price as Gasoline” Become a Reality?

Hydrogen is in growing demand worldwide as the ultimate clean energy source that emits no CO2 (carbon dioxide) when used, and ships that can carry large quantities of hydrogen like petroleum and LNG (liquefied natural gas) are about to become a reality, Traffic News reported on May 23. Kawasaki Heavy Industries has developed the world’s first large-size liquefied hydrogen carrier and received AiP (Approval in Principle) from the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai in April 2022. The vessel is equipped with four 40,000 cubic meter class liquefied hydrogen tanks, the world’s largest marine liquefied hydrogen cargo storage facility. With a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters of hydrogen, it is comparable to the capacity of the mainline large LNG carriers (170,000 cubic meters), which are currently the mainstay of energy transportation. For propulsion, a dual-fuel boiler and steam turbine plant that can use hydrogen as fuel will be adopted to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during navigation.

5. PM Kishida: “Japan Will Participate in IPEF, Working Closely with the US”

According to NHK reported on May 23, PM Kishida expressed his intention to work closely with the U.S. over the IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework), a new economic partnership designed to counter CCP China, in which Japan will participate. The meeting aimed at launching a new IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework) with a view to countering CCP China began shortly after 4:30 p.m., and President Biden announced the start of talks for the launch. PM Kishida, who attended the meeting, said, “President Biden’s declaration to launch the IPEF in Japan is a clear demonstration of America’s strong commitment to the region. Japan will join the IPEF and work closely with the US, and hand in hand with ASEAN countries and other regional partners to help create a new framework.

6. 57% of the Population Has Been Vaccinated for the Third Time

NHK reported on May 23 that more than 57% of the population in Japan has been vaccinated against the CCP virus (COVID-19) three times. According to the latest situation announced by the government on May 23, the number of people who have received the third dose of the vaccine in Japan is 7,288,597, or 57.6% of the total population. In fact, the number of vaccinations may be higher than this and may increase in the future.

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