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Translated by: MOS English Team – Johnlee

It is reported on May 23, that the Japanese Government has asked universities to strengthen scrutiny of foreign students and visiting scholars to prevent technology from being stolen by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and other countries.

Image Source: the korea times

According to new rules introduced this month in Japan, Japanese universities are required to conduct background checks on foreign students and visiting scholars, flagging those with ties to foreign Governments or defense-related agencies, report has it.

Until now, Japanese universities have only conducted background checks on people trying to send potentially sensitive information and products abroad. The new rules are designed to add another hurdle on top of the immigrant visa process.

For example, if a scholar funded by the CCP Government wants to go to Japan to pursue a doctoral program in cutting-edge radar technology and then return home to use the research results for military purposes, there are few obstacles. However, the same situation will be regarded as a high-risk case in the United States and the application for studying abroad will be rejected.

Image Source: DW

The U.S. Embassy in Japan welcomed the new rules and promised that the U.S. would seek new ways to help Japan and its universities defend against “real and serious” security risks.

An official from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, who was involved in formulating a monitoring plan for high-risk technology transfers, also said that they hope that Japanese universities can be trusted in security and trade monitoring, so that joint research projects with the United States and Europe can continue and go well.”

Image Source: nikkei

According to Japanese Government statistics, there were nearly 280,000 foreign students studying in Japan in 2020, of which 44% are from Communist China. In recent years, the United States has arrested a number of scholars from Communist China on suspicion of espionage, which is equivalent to sounding the alarm for Japan.


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