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Translated by: MOS English Team—Mark Wen

It is reported on May 21 that an 87-year-old Chinese resident was attacked by a strange man with extreme racist remarks near Vancouver’s Chinatown a few days ago. The suspect fled after spraying bear repellent spray on the victim’s face. Police are currently investigating the suspected racial hate crime.

Image Source: globalnews

The report said, the victim suffered mental and physical trauma. All clues suggest that the incident was driven entirely by anti-Asian hatred. Police released images of the suspect at the crime scene immediately that day and are investigating whether the attack was linked to another attack in Chinatown this week.

The latest figures show a more than fourfold increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver from 2020 to 2021. The police said, that unprovoked violent attacks against Asians, frequent racial hatred and chaotic law and order make people in the area live in fear.

Image Source: kera


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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