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Translated by: Himalaya Formosa Taiwan -Moli C.

On May 17, Japanese media analyzed and exposed the adverse effects of the CCP’s “Zero-Covid Policy.”

The program revealed that Xi Jinping proposed that he would “win the battle to defend the Shanghai outbreak” on the 5th of this month. This indicated that Xi had raised the fight against the pandemic to the height of the war and believed that only the complete elimination of the virus could be a victory. However, this kind of mentality runs counter to the scientific and rational experience that should be practiced in fighting the pandemic.

At the same time, the CCP’s “Zero-Covid Policy” has subverted Western countries’ perception of China, making the West realize that the CCP Government does not “put economic development in the first place” as it advocates; On the contrary, the CCP puts ideology and Xi Jinping’s regime first. This shows that economic development is not the center point for the CCP to draft policies. Economic development will not prevent the CCP from launching a war like Putin.

The show revealed that with the extension of the CCP’s lockdown, Xi Jinping mentions less and less the word “Common Prosperity,” which indicates that the CCP regime realizes China’s economy is on the verge of collapse. And some companies even express that they need external stimulus and support. Otherwise, they will inevitably face bankruptcy. The CCP Government cannot take back the lie of the communist regime’s “Common Prosperity” because of its fame. And the only option is to keep silent. The CCP’s “Zero-Covid Policy” will eventually become very embarrassing, like the false propaganda of “Common Prosperity.”


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Posted by: Moli C.