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Translated by : MOS Translation Team – Eleutheria Lee

On May 22, 2022, Miles Guo released a piece of information as a gift to the audiences inside the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Public Security, Procuratorate, and Legal Commision, that now there is still a window-opportunity for people who are involved in Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, and Fu Zhenghua’s cases to escape , as the cases are officially closed. The CCP had targeted roughly 2,800 people within the Political and Legal Commision, 5,000 people in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and 3,000 people in society, totaling nearly 10,000 people. In the above cases, these people are the primary suspects, and almost 100,000 related people are banned from exiting the country. So far, there were 476 Ministry of Public Security members who have turned themselves in and no more than 100 from the public society.

The CCP has been making large-scale secret arrests of targeted individuals since May 20. This purge of the political and legal system members was arranged and deployed by the CCP’s Supreme Standing Committee. The first step is to directly arrest about 10,000 people from the political and legal system and other clans; no matter who they are, no one will be spared. And ban 100,000 people from exiting the country. The second step, probably after mid-June, will be a related purge campaign on the more general national political and legal system, with technical support from the Third Department of the General Staff, to carry out large-scale campaign-style arrests to remove all members related to Wang, Meng, Sun and Fu. The new leadership of the Political and Legal Committee will be even more brutal in this purge campaign.

Miles reminded those targeted by the CCP to evaluate and escape from China while they still can. He also made a sincere offer to all of them to contact the New Federal State of China (NFSC) farms if they could escape, and the farms will provide free accommodation and food for three months. Those who provide valuable confidential information will be rewarded with corresponding Himalaya Coin (HCN). Those who take decisive action to join the NFSC and abandon the corrupt system of the CCP will be properly resettled on all farms. The Himalaya Global Alliance will also provide special rewards to those who have made contributions. On behalf of the NFSC, Miles welcomes people from the CCP’s political and legal system to abandon the evil regime and join the NFSC to destroy the CCP.


Proofread/Edited by: Righteousman
Chief Editors: Moon G.& MK – Hua
Posted by: Moli C.