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On May 22, 2022, Miles Guo called on personnel who work at the domestic Public Security Bureau, Public Prosecution and court to flee the country as soon as possible.

Mr. Guo disclosed that Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, and Fu Zhenghua had passed the timeframe to confess their wrongdoings to the CCP. Two thousand eight hundred people from the Ministry of Public Security, 5,000 from the Law enforcement Agency and 10,000 from other sectors of society are all primary criminal suspects. However, only 476 people in the ministry of Public Security and 100 people in different sectors of society have voluntarily confessed. Since May 20th, the CCP has been secretly rounding up a large-scale secret arrest of people involved in the case. The top standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party decided that no one involved in the case would be spared, and it is expected that 100,000 people would be detained.

Mr. Guo said that arresting those involved in the case is only CCP’s first step, but they still have time to escape from China. Those who run out and contact the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will be offered free food and drink for three months. After that, they would receive awards from the NFSC if they made a great contribution. Digital coins would be given according to the contribution level, and it is cashable immediately.

The next step will probably start in mid-June to clean up the remains of Wang, Meng Jian zhu, and Sun Lijun. The technical side is coordinated by three militaries. Miles Guo welcomes the domestic Public Security Bureau, Public Prosecution, and court personnel to exterminate the CCP with the NFSC. Otherwise, they would have to wait for their homes to be confiscated and family members to be killed.

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