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Translator: Himalaya NZ – Angela J

Miles Guo announced in his Gettr livestream on May 22, 2022 that the truly decentralized and valuable Lying-flat Coin (LFC) will be launched on a trial basis in July. Miles said that LFC adopts the 3.5th generation, also known as the fifth generation of blockchain technology, which is truly decentralized. There will be no lock-stage, noKYC, and no one can tamper the system after open trading. No one can ever control the LFC. LFC will be traded simultaneously in all digital currency platforms around the world, and can be circulated and used for payment on the day of its launch. The LFC is not anchored to anything, and the price is completely market-based.

The two core values of LFC are: first, usage is wealth; second, action is wealth! For example, on Gettr, GNews, or our upcoming new platforms, users who receive heart emojis, or other emoji symbols that express goodness, can earn LFC. It will be more valuable when LFC and Himalaya Dollar(HDO) are combined as trading pairs. Investing in HDO can ensure the preservation of wealth; investing in LFC can safely earn more. Miles specifically said that LFC can help his fellows in mainland China to survive the dark period, not to starve to death, not to be trapped by money. This Coin is the best tool to protect life, wealth and even avenge the evil Chinese Communist Party.

In addition the LFC will be distributed to donors of the Rule of Law Foundation, investors in G series, and volunteers participating in the Whistleblower Movement.


Proofread/Edited by: Eleutheria Lee
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Posted by: Moli C.