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Translated by: MOS Finesse Team – mingyue 

On May 20th, the Chinese government announced that it would hold large-scale military training and exercises in the controversial South China Sea. The scheduled training exercise will start the on same day as U.S. President Biden visits Seoul, South Korea. Later in the Asian trip, Biden will visit Japan. 

Image: Sergey Mihailicenko/Anadolu Agency

The South China Sea is the world’s most important maritime economic and trade corridor. Forty percent of global trade and transportation passes through these sea areas. The CCP claims sovereignty over most of the South China Sea. Communist China has reclaimed islands on multiple reefs in the Spratly Islands. The reclaiming efforts includes building runways for Chinese war planes and equipping the islands with various weapons.

According to the information released by the Hainan Maritime Safety Administration, the military exercise will take place in the South China Sea. During the exercise, China will prohibit aircraft and ships of other countries from entering the area.

President Biden arrived in Seoul on May 20th. He held a meeting with South Korea’s new president Yoon Seok-youl. After visiting South Korea, Biden plans to go to Tokyo and hold meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. During the visit to Japan, Biden will participate in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) which held by the leaders of the United States, Japan, Australia, and India. Meanwhile, President Biden intends to announce the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework while in Japan. 

At the QUAD summit, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be an important topic. Other discussions will include the “no forbidden zone” and “no cap” of cooperation with Russia, and the serious threats it poses.

A discussion of tensions on the Korean Peninsula will take place, focusing on the threat of North Korea’s nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile testing. Regardless of the CCP virus continues to surge in North Korea, there is a possibility that nuclear testing may occur during Biden’s Asian trip. It has become a topic during the summit as well.

Communist China’s large-scale training exercises in the South China Sea during Biden’s visits to Seoul and Tokyo indicate China is concerned about United States’s enhanced presence in Asia.


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Posted by: James L

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