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Translated by: MOS English Team – Wenqin

It is reported that the destroyer “Harusame” of the Maritime Self-defense Force set off from the Sasebo Base of the Maritime Self-Defense Force (Sasebo City) to undertake the anti-pirate mission in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia. In addition to anti- pirate missions, the “Harusame” destroyer will also be responsible for collecting information in the Gulf of Oman and other Middle Eastern waters to ensure the safety of Japanese ships.

Image Source: seaforce

It is reported that about 220 people are on “Harusame” destroyer. PCR tests for crew members will be conducted after disembarking to combat COVID-19 (CCP virus). The ship will continue to train in the waters around Japan for 14 days while monitoring the health of the crew, and then head to the Gulf of Aden, where it is expected to start its mission in late June.

Image Source: wikepedia

Since the Gulf War in 1990, Japanese naval warships have begun to appear in an auxiliary situation. The Maritime Self-Defense Force operation that began in 2009 carried out anti-pirate operations in the Gulf of Aden. By December 2021, the defense ship will also collect intelligence in the waters of the Middle East. It is easy to see that since the defeated countries of the Second World War could not have any military action to the mission that the defense ship is doing now, Japan’s military operation has been widely accepted by the international community, and it also proves that Japan has begun to officially enter the international military arena.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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