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In the live broadcast on May 22, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo believes the possibility of Li Keqiang replacing Xi Jinping is low. The upcoming movement in Hong Kong will adopt cyberwar and general strikes. Tang Ping Coin will launch in July. Below are the highlights of the broadcast. 

Updates from Ukraine Rescue

The evacuation of the NFSC’s (New Federal State of China) relief work is progressing steadily. Today is expected to be the last live update as the full evacuation will happen around next Tuesday. Israel will send 40 delegations to our rescue camp to hold a seminar on the extermination of the CCP. Brother Tiger as the first foreign friend to join our rescue operation has tremendous implications.

The rescue of the refugees is no longer necessary. If we continue, it becomes a Communist-like propaganda show. The next step is to push the rescue to a new level that will exceed the expectation, but the details cannot be disclosed in advance to prevent the CCP’s sabotage. The involvement of NFSC in international operations, Ukraine Rescue, the post-war reconstruction, and global events have only just begun. The NFSC has not withdrawn from its mission.

At present, Xi lets the anti-Xi faction put up a show because he can destroy Li Keqiang easily.

From usurping power to the 1960s, the CCP was in a constant internal struggle, which eventually developed into questioning Mao, resulting in  the destruction of Liu Shaoqi and all other senior leaders. The Anti-Rightist Movement pushed the Great Leap Forward to the extreme, leading to a famine that killed 60 million people by starvation and 30 million by related causes; a total of 90 million people died.

Zhang Yufeng told Mr. Guo that Mao started the Cultural Revolution not only to kill Liu Shaoqi but to purge all potential opponents. Mao was convinced that people living a good life threatened his safety. The most extremist of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution was Zhou Enlai because he wanted to be Mao’s successor but was also afraid that Mao would kill him.

Xi lets the current “Liu Shaoqi” faction fully expose themselves as it is a cinch for him to remove Li Keqiang. As long as Xi lives, all the rumors of Li Keqiang replacing Xi will not happen, and the only outcome is the Xi dynasty. 

The CCP possesses all the power and the right to distribute resources. With a tight grip on the military, the CCP holds the fate of senior officials and their families, as well as the future of their subordinates, so that no one can rebel.

It is almost impossible for a Yuan Shikai-type figure to emerge from within the CCP.

There is no precedent in the history of the CCP for a deputy to replace his or her superior. All the hype about Li Keqing ousting Xi Jinping is exploited by Xi to deflect attention from the Covid-zero policy. There is no Yuan Shikai-type figure within the CCP military. Some CCP insiders showed ambitions frequently before 2020, but they were removed.

The biggest challenges to Xi now are Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and Zeng Qinghong, with the latter most likely to become Yuan Shikai, but Zeng is out of the picture with a merely 10% chance of success. Han Zhen has also lost completely. Americans believe that if something happens to Xi, the two people most credible and able to work with are Zeng Qinghong and Wang Qishan. However, Americans have no intention of turning China into a democratic society.

The internal struggle of the CCP is not our concern. We only care about the Chinese people who are once again being sacrificed in the struggle.

What we have to do is to save more of our countrymen. The future leaders of China will emerge from Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, and the NFSC will cultivate young and talented people to lead narratives globally and own wealth.

The Covid-zero campaign is the Great Leap Forward, followed by food shortages and famine.

With the impending floods this year and the worldwide shortage of food, money will not buy food in the event of another famine. You could be arrested for illegally stockpiling strategic goods if you have too much food at home. Money will be useless in times of famine. You will need food stamps, a symbol of power and a privilege prevalent in today’s Shanghai.

Zhang Yufeng told Mr. Guo that starvation did not affect Mao’s sex life and superior material comfort. During those three years, Mao ate the most meat because people’s hunger aroused his appetite, just as a woman’s rejection aroused Mao’s sex drive. At that time, the Chinese were waiting to eat other people’s children and hoping for the CCP to distribute food. However, no communist cadres were starved to death because a special procurement system was created. In order to ensure the food supply for the CCP, a naval fleet responsible for fishing was deliberately framed and shot to make an example and deter the soldiers from stealing food.

The CCP and Xi Jinping are not frightening. What’s scary is the Chinese people’s selfishness, stupidity, and ignorance.

Chinese people have gradually lost their humanity since the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. Their inhumanity and ignorance have provided the environment for an animal-slave society.

Communist China has returned to the planned economy where the digital yuan is the electronic food stamp.

Economic crisis, real estate collapse, and the falling exchange rate will happen. Now Communist China has returned to the planned economy. The CCP will implement policy to restrict people’s freedom to move. In another six months, people will feel happy to be able to go outdoors to get the nucleic acid test.

During the Cultural Revolution, the CCP controlled everything through food stamps, and now the digital yuan is the electronic food stamp. The CCP will not fall because of financial bankruptcy. Considering only the economy, the CCP will have no problem lasting another 20 years. The Soviet Union didn’t collapse because of the economy but extreme corruption and the efforts of the US.

Monkeypox is a consequence of the CCP virus vaccine disaster.

Recently, several brothers in arms tested positive for the CCP virus or showed symptoms of the CCP virus because they contacted vaccinated people.

The upcoming movement in Hong Kong will use cyberwar and general strikes, etc.

Britain made Hong Kong strong and sowed hatred between the East and the West at the same time. Because Hong Kong has been westernized, the West can’t swallow the resentment towards the CCP for destroying Hong Kong.

The West has two options to change the status quo in Hong Kong: one, economic decoupling; two, funding the resistance. The NFSC has provided the most cash support for our compatriots in Hong Kong, but it is still a drop in the bucket.

The upcoming movement will not simply be “Five Demands” or traditional violence but modern-age cyberwar, general strikes, etc. If millions of people take to the streets again, a “time-consuming war” will be waged and paralyze Hong Kong. The CCP will suppress it, but the rebellion will not turn violent.

Solana, known as the Ethereum killer, is another variation of Wang Qishan’s BSN (blockchain service network).

Three forces control the digital currencies: the swamp is behind Ethereum; the CCP, Iran, and Russia support Bitcoin; and the CCP is also behind all other digital currencies. 

Zhao Changpeng has been a boss with three “NOs” for a long time: no fixed office address, no home address, and no license. Binance is definitely a scam.

The Himalaya Exchange has been granted a few more licenses.

Tang Ping Coin is coming in July.

Tang Ping Coin is absolutely decentralized, confidential, and with no requirements for KYC screening. It will launch in July. The adoption of Tang Ping Coin creates wealth, and action is wealth. With no lock-up periods, Tang Ping Coin will be circulated on the day of launch and traded on global exchanges simultaneously. Once online, Tang Ping Coin is non-fungible, and the more it is used, the more valuable it becomes. 

The dual tracks of Himalaya Coin and Tang Ping Coin can best reflect their values: payment, wealth preservation with Himalaya Dollar, and investment with Tang Ping Coin. The core value of Himalaya Coin lies in the fact that Himalaya Dollar, the proceeds from selling Himalaya Coin, will never be misappropriated, and no one can take it away. In addition, the Himalaya Exchange has state licenses, bank licenses, and HPay, through which you can maintain an ecosystem across the Himalaya farms worldwide.

Brothers in arms received Himalaya Coins at $0.1 per coin because Mr. Miles Guo negotiated with the Himalaya Exchange. Tang Ping Coin will only be given to brothers in arms who have joined the Himalaya farms, the Rule of Law Foundation contributors, old GTV investors, volunteers and current Himalaya Coin owners. Himalaya Coin and Tang Ping Coin were originally designed to benefit brothers in arms.

The Goddess of Mercy (Avalokitesvara) observes the suffering on earth and gives solutions.

People are born with good and evil, which are manifested on earth. The Goddess of Mercy observes the suffering on earth and gives solutions. The communists are the demons who watch and then take things away. Knowing suffering, pain, and compassion makes a bodhisattva’s heart. The education and environment after birth are crucial. Brothers in arms should find kindness and compassion in their love for each other.

Death occurred almost daily in Wynn Macau’s casinos.

At the peak, ten people jumped off buildings a day at Wynn Macau’s casinos. Thousands of unjust souls gather in Miles Guo’s body to help the Whistleblowers Movement. 

People implicated in the cases of Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, and Fu Zhenghua can either wait at home to be arrested or join the Whistleblowers Movement to destroy the CCP.

The voluntary confession deadline has passed for the Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, and Fu Zhenghua cases. At present, the CCP has zeroed in on 10,000 suspects of severe crimes, including about 2800 people in the Political and Legal Committee and the Ministry of Public Security, 5000 public prosecutors and law enforcement personnel, and 3,000 people outside the government. Four hundred seventy-six people in the Ministry of Public Security have now voluntarily confessed, and no more than 100 people outside the government turned themselves in. The day before yesterday, the CCP started massive secret arrests and border-controlled 100,000 people. If these people can flee China, they should contact Himalaya farms and will be guaranteed three months of living expenses. Those providing top-secret information will be rewarded.

Starting in June, the residual force of Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, and Wang Qishan will be removed through a full-scale arrest. The next Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee will treat those involved even more ruthlessly.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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