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Translated by:  OX Translation Team – Mike Hua

To welcome the International Catholic Church on May 24th, Pope Francis said at a Mass at Saint Peter’s Square, “I am attentively and actively following the often complex life and situations of the faithful and pastors, and I pray every day for them.”  He continued, “I invite all of you to unite yourselves in this prayer so that the Church in China, in freedom and tranquility, might live in effective communion with the universal Church, and might exercise its mission of proclaiming the Gospel to everyone, and thus offer a positive contribution to the spiritual and material progress of society as well.”

Image Source: catholicnewsagency

Missio, a Catholic mission agency based in Munich, said there are currently about 10 million Catholics in China of which half of them are affiliated with officially recognized Churches, and the other half operate underground.  Wolfgang Huber, President of Missio, said that the Chinese Government had been increasingly pressurizing underground churches for an extended period.  The Catholic China Center at Sankt Augustin pointed out that finances of religious institutions are subject to stricter oversight by the authorities.  Besides, monitoring of clergy and religious content online is intensifying. 

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On May 11th, when Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong was arrested, the Vatican expressed its concerns. The authority released Cardinal Zen on bail just a few days after the arrest.  Cardinal Zen, 90 years old, was accused of violating Hong Kong National Security Law.  The emeritus bishop of Hong Kong, Chen Rijun, has often criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for signing and imposing the law on Hong Kong. 


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