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On May 22, the Shanghai authorities announced that they would resume cross-district public transportation. After the city was locked down for more than two months, the official media followed up with high-profile propaganda. Unexpectedly, the interviews ended in embarrassment when they encountered truth-telling from citizens.

This time, the authorities set strict board conditions. In addition to wearing masks, passengers must also have a green health code, a nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours, and a normal body temperature. In addition, passengers need to scan the “place code” when getting on the bus.

The official media in Shanghai interviewed a citizen on a bus, originally wanting to show the scene of traffic recovery in Shanghai after the unblocking. Unexpectedly, the interviewed Shanghai citizen was dissatisfied with the official media: “It has been locked down for nearly two months. Since I was born, I have never experienced such a life. Being locked at home and unable to go out is a big joke.”

Picture from online video screenshot

It can be seen in the exposed interview video that the official media reporter quietly moved the microphone away. In the end, the “discordant” content in this interview was excluded from the “main theme” of the official media. And the video that aired was clearly seen to be cobbled together.

According to another report, the official media reporter interviewed a lady and encountered the same embarrassing voice. The interviewed lady said to the reporter: “We are really too difficult here.” Then the reporter quietly moved the microphone away as soon as possible.

The lady continued: “For more than 50 days here, the government has never sent any supplies.” The official media reporter hurriedly interrupted the conversation: “Okay, okay, I wish you a smooth journey,” and then hurriedly ended the interview.

In addition, according to multiple videos shot by Shanghai citizens, despite the authorities’ announcement to resume local public transportation, many citizens are still restricted from traveling. Even if there are no passengers at the bus stop, the bus is still running on schedule.

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上海官媒采访翻车 市民说实话令记者尴尬

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