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Dr. Sanjay Verma, a California-based cardiologist, has recently discreetly admitted the relationship between the CCP virus vaccine and heart complications. He sees a few hundred patients monthly, and he witnessed “a dozen” patients whose heart complications might be connected to the CCP virus vaccine. He reiterates that he and his team usually don’t see many patients with heart problems a year before the pandemic.

Verma made his statement carefully despite the number of patients expressing heart problems is a solid support to his proposition. He said, “I can only say possibly – not definitely – because we do not yet have any diagnostic test that 100 percent says ‘this caused this.’” The doctor and his team reach their conclusion through a process of exclusion, which means they look for common associations like coronavirus, influenza virus, other infections, atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease, alcohol, and recreational drugs. If everything keeps coming back negative or normal, then vaccine-associated heart problems are a probability by default and process of exclusion. In addition, Verma said the spike protein is a hypothesized mechanism that can cause blood clots, but currently, he lacks evidence to prove this cause and effect relation.

Verma also refutes a proposition made by a study conducted in October last year by the New England Journal of Medicine, which suggests the risk of myocarditis was greater from the CCP virus itself than from the vaccine. Verma says the study was flawed because it combined all age groups in its analysis. CDC’s data reveals that 91% of all CCP virus hospitalizations occur in people with underlying medical conditions; plus recently, the CDC director, Rochelle Walensky, has stated that 75% of CCP virus deaths were in people with at least 4 underlying medical conditions. Therefore, Verma believes myocarditis cases after the CCP virus infection most likely occur in older people with an underlying medical condition.

Verma quotes two other studies to back up his argument. The first study he cites is in the “Nature Medicine” journal, which demonstrates for people less than 40-year-old, the risk of myocarditis after CCP virus vaccination (Pfizer and Moderna) is far greater than after CCP virus infection itself. The urgent updated analysis performed by the authors of this study recently on the effects of booster shots further reinforces their argument. The second study quoted by Verma is on myocarditis after vaccination in Israel, which found out only 17% of cases had an underlying medical condition, in contrast to the 91% of CCP virus having an underlying medical condition.

Verma adds that he does not understand why the media has been giving more attention to post-CCP virus blood clot issues. From his observations, there have actually been more cases of myocarditis than blood clots. However, he also admits that he might be biased since he is a cardiologist; he tends to focus more on heart issues, which are greater in number and thus play an important factor in “vaccine hesitancy” in the general public.

To conclude, Verma’s observation reinforces the correlation between CCP virus vaccination and heart complications. However, whether it is blood clots or myocarditis is more prominent, it still entails one thing: there will be more and more people suffering vaccine-induced injuries, which will cause huge problems to our society in every aspect. It may be a bit too late to tell people not to get vaccinated, but we must be prepared for all the social chaos when a large number of people are incapacitated or even die from vaccine injuries.


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