MOS English Team – Mark Wen, Juliet

Since the CCP usurped power and robbed the country, it has completely destroyed the Chinese nation’s traditional culture, education, ethics, and morality for thousands of years. In order to maintain the evil dictatorship, the CCP systematically and purposefully conducts brainwashing education on the people and cultivates foolish and loyal slaves.

During the Cultural Revolution, the CCP mobilized the Red Guards to brutally persecute academic masters who were proficient in Chinese culture, civilization, etiquette, and history and launched a large-scale student persecution campaign across the country. The CCP calls Chinese traditional culture “feudal poison” and foreign culture “capitalism.” The CCP established the “class struggle” doctrine, and everything is based on loyalty to the leader and the Communist Party. Anyone who opposes the leader or the party is classified as a class enemy. The CCP completely controls the mainland media. After a long period of brainwashing education, some old Red Guards in their 70s and 80s still miss the anti-human Cultural Revolution movement of the Mao era.

Due to the CCP’s destruction of Chinese culture and moral education, the ethics and morality of China’s 5,000-year-old civilization collapsed, and corruption was everywhere. There are shocking chaos and crises in China’s education: academic fraud, plagiarism of papers, theft of intellectual property rights around the world, cheating in exams, corrupt teachers’ morality, and buying and selling of diplomas. Corruption in education and power and money transactions are various and endless. The students taught by the CCP’s education system are just test tools without the ability to think independently and innovate. After graduation, students cannot become practical talents in society but sacrifice themselves to the CCP.

Nowadays, virus vaccines are flooding everywhere, wars are breaking out, and human beings have reached the darkest period. Miles Guo led the New Federation of China, like the torch held high in the hands of the great American Statue of Liberty, illuminating the world with righteousness in the dark night. National education has been the foundation for one hundred years. The new federation of China will surely lead the Chinese nation to get rid of the dictatorship of the millennium and enter a new era of democratic education.

Edited and posted by: Kayla J.

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