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President Biden wasted no time in pushing for passage of up to US $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, signing an emergency funding bill in South Korea on Saturday.  The White House confirmed to Fox News that the bill was ready to be flown to the president on Friday.

Image Source: the japan times

Although the bill passed the lower chamber the same day as it was introduced, with just over a quarter of House Republicans opposing it by a 368-57 vote, it took nine days for the Senate to push the aid package to the President’s desk.

Eleven Senate Republicans voted against the bill over spending concerns in a vote of 86-11, breaking away from party leadership.

Sen. Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, led the opposition and called for an inspector general to oversee spending.

Senate Republicans who favored the package argued that if Russian President Vladimir Putin could gain momentum in Europe, the United States would pay more in the fight against the Russian president. “That’s something that cost more money,” Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said.

Image Source: The York Times

Grassley mentioned that “At least 25 percent [will] go directly to the U.S. military, some to strengthen our forces in Europe, and then a large portion is humanitarian.”

The United States has agreed to provide about US $54 billion in military and humanitarian aid to counter Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.


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