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Pfizer’s stock soared more than 60% last year.  BioNTech soared more than 215% in 2021, while Moderna’s stock rose nearly 145%.  These three stocks are up spectacularly in 2021, thanks mainly to their strong sales.  But 2022 won’t be so kind to them, with Pfizer’s (PFE) stock price down about 15%, while its Comirnaty vaccine partner BioNTech (BNTX) is already down 35%, and Moderna (MRNA) is in even worse shape, plunging more than 40%.

Covid vaccine sales aren’t the problem, and the report notes that vaccine sales are not expected to be bad this year.  Pfizer said it expects revenue from Comirnaty, which it shares equally with BioNTech, to reach $32 billion in 2022, while Moderna predicts it could generate nearly $20 billion in revenue from its coronavirus vaccine this year.  Almost 97% of Moderna’s first-quarter sales came from its Covid vaccine.  In the first quarter, nearly all of BioNTech’s revenue came from Comirnaty (the official name of Pfizer’s vaccine, fosfomycin, co-developed with BioNTech).

Part of the decline in these stocks may be that investors had anticipated strong demand and did what investors do best, bag it first.  Another reason may be a sharp pullback in the stock market.

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