Author: Jin Ming
Translation: yuddy

Outside the Zhongnankeng Wall, Lingjing Hutong is blocked. Haidian District recommends working from home.

Mei Mei, 27, is normally healthy, with no underlying diseases and no bad habits. She developed hives in the last few days and was unable to sleep due to the discomfort. Her immune system was compromised. She has been listening carefully to me and has not been immunized. She was threatened with dismissal, and after the first vaccine, her office unit peers took turns convincing her to take a second dose to catch up with this alleged epidemic, and she had no choice but to comply. Soon after she arrived home, her skin broke out in hives. The good news is that she has been on artemisinin for a week now.

Imagine how her beautiful face would have turned out if she had not taken artemisinin.

The vaccine disaster has already begun.

Beijing is sealing off more districts and controlled areas on a regular basis. The Chinese Communist Party’s disease planting routine is as antiquated as it has always been. The disease was first planted at the Xinfadi Farmers’ Market, and a chain of transmission has now reached the Yuezhuang Farmers’ Market. People are fodder for thought, especially at this time. Most have been isolated in their neighbourhoods and communities, and they only have one need: food. As a result, the Chinese Communist Party poisoned the farmers’ market.

I took advantage of the situation by gobbling up a feast of meat skewers. Who knows when the next skewer of meat will appear? Also indulged in a beer today. I was very strict with myself after following the Seventh Brother. After the Spring Festival, I gave up alcohol and then smoking.

What will happen tomorrow is unknown. Step by step, the unavoidable disaster approaches.

The unpredictable future, although very rough, is still full of expectations and hope in my heart.

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