Author: Jin Ming
Translation: WLQF

All residents of Fengtai District were also asked by the government to work from home, the fourth district in Beijing to do so.

I took advantage of the short window to continue my shopping for various household goods, mainly fresh vegetables, frozen dumplings and many carbonated beverages. Personally, I don’t usually drink these drinks because of their high sugar content. What I want is to see if I can help the people around me when it’s the hardest time, after all, the sugar in a bottle of drink may save a life.

From the internet

Today I met a friend who works in a community health center. According to him, during these 14 days of community control, he suddenly found that there were many cancer patients in the community who needed chemotherapy, as well as patients with blood disorders who needed frequent hospital treatment. These people accounted for one-fifth of the community’s population. Hearing this made me feel a little creeped out. This is only the first wave of trial closure, the community can still coordinate over, but when the real closure comes later, it is hard to imagine what the consequences will be.

It’s not just the garbage at the door that might be rotting then, which reminds me of the videos I saw earlier in Wuhan and Shanghai about bodies rotting in homes.

I tried several times to ask for specific numbers, but all ended in failure. A recent propaganda video recorded by CCTV’s famous host Kang Hui introduced the current learning content for CCP members, which added secrecy education in addition to Xi Jinping’s thoughts.

The Chinese people are covered by the Communist Party, not to mention cognitive of the world, even the Communist Party is cognitively unclear.

In the past few years, following Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement, my own cognitive ability has improved a lot. But I found myself unable to influence the people around me. Sometimes, I think that out of the revolutionary circle of explosive material, I feel that I have little social skills. It’s really none!

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