Author: Jin Ming
Translation: WLQF

It’s really a bit of a waste not to go out and have fun today when the weather is so nice.

The first thing I did when I got up in the morning was to do my nucleic acid.

Today the sky is high and the sun is shining, a good day indeed. I contacted many of my friends around me and they were afraid to go out. I had to clean my own motorcycle, fill it with gas, bring food and go into the mountains.

From the internet

I was in a good mood, but the more I rode, the fewer cars and people were on the road. If it was this time last year, I might have been glad that I had chosen a good day to avoid the crowds and traffic. But a day like today makes me feel panic.

I hate the Communist Party and am a little disappointed with the cowardice of the people. Even though the air and water here have been polluted, I am still attached to the land where I was born and raised. It is horrible that the darkest hour has not yet come and it has already become like this.

Cold and dead

When I entered the mountain, it was even more desolate, so much so that I lost the mood to enjoy the beauty. The green and vibrant spring colors in front of me seemed dim, and it felt like there were graveyards everywhere.

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