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On May 22, 2022, Miles Guo said in the live broadcast that as the first foreign friend Tiger to join the Ukrainian rescue is symbolic.

In the past 100 years, The New Federal State of China became the first force that has been publicly supported by the world and the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people. The participation of Tiger is an absolute banner in frontline rescue. Tiger comes from Poland, the most important vanguard country for overthrowing the CCP. In the past two or three months, Tiger’s participation in the rescue has been symbolic, and it is also the first foreign friend of the NFSC to fight on the frontline.

The NFSC has received strong support from many different international organizations on the frontline, especially from Jewish friends. During the Ukraine Rescue Operation, the NFSC built a good relationship between the Jews and the Chinese, the two most intelligent peoples, and planted the seeds of cooperation. Mr. Guo believes that human beings will surely cooperate in the era of highly developed Internet and aircraft.

When the next time we meet again in Ukraine, Poland, and the United Nations, the story of the Tiger will become a very legendary and remarkable story, and each of us will create wonderful stories of the NFSC and international cooperation. Today, the NFSC has just begun participating in international activities and war rescue. Everything is just the beginning.

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