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In the live broadcast on May 22, Miles Guo pointed out that it was 100% sequelae of the Covid-19 vaccine in response to the monkeypox virus cases found in many western countries.

Monkeypox is a zoonotic infectious disease mainly transmitted to humans through contact with animals infected with the monkeypox virus. In May this year, WHO released data showing that cases of monkeypox virus have been detected in 12 countries.

Guo emphasized that the monkeypox virus first produces herpes from the genital parts (such Mammary gland, breast, genitals, anus, etc.) for women; for men, it produces herpes from the anus, armpits, and glands. The monkeypox virus is another example of the Covid vaccine disaster as it doesn’t happen out of thin air.

In the future, various side effects directly caused by the Covid-19 vaccine or the damaged immune system of the human body are more likely to be infected by unknown viruses in nature. The root cause is that the Covid-19 vaccine destroys the human immune system.

Source:Monkeypox Virus is the Embodiment of Vaccine Disaster

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