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May 22 Daily Economic News reported that on May 22, at the 342nd press conference on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in Beijing, Liu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Municipal CDC, introduced 67 new cases of indigenous Covid-19 infections from 0:00 to 15:00 on May 22.

Since the press conference on May 21 (from 15:00 on May 21 to 15:00 on May 22), there were 94 new cases of indigenous Covid-19 infections (1538 to 1631 infections), 41 cases in Fengtai District, 24 cases in Haidian District, 14 cases in Fangshan District, 7 cases in Dongcheng District, 3 cases in Changping District, 2 cases each in Xicheng District and Chaoyang District, and 1 case in Daxing District; 1 case of heavy, 14 cases of common type, 66 cases of light, asymptomatic There were 13 infected cases; 77 cases of control personnel and 17 cases of social surface screening.

On May 9 the Chinese Communist Party suspended the return of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and secondary vocational schools in the city of Beijing, and all kinds of offline courses and group activities of off-campus training institutions to close off the city of 21.88 million people in disguise. Beijing, the capital of the Chinese Communist Party, cannot escape the military-controlled closure of what the dictator calls epidemic prevention and control, but is in fact the military-controlled closure of  vaccine sequels.

The total number of people in Beijing in the 2021 census: the total population (resident population) of the city is 21 893 095 people, and the vaccination data given in the release is 22,838,000 people cumulatively, the vaccinated population has exceeded the city’s resident population by more than 900,000, and 57,251,500 doses of the new coronavirus vaccine have been administered, the cumulative vaccinated of the poisonous vaccine has nearly exceeded three times the city’s population. The risk of infection cannot be escaped even if the vaccination rate exceeds the population by three times.  It only proves that the virus is fake and the vaccination is real, and the catastrophe of toxic vaccine sequels on a large scale is about to emerge


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