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Translated by: MOS Finesse Team – Gloria 

On May 20, a longest weekly losing streak had been recorded in nearly 100 years at the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It closed up 9 points on Friday and ended the week down about 3%, its eighth straight weekly loss and the longest weekly loss since year 1923. On the other hand, the S&P fell for a seventh straight week, the longest plunge since March 2001. Although the market was briefly entering bear market territory on Friday, the S&P is down 20% from its all-time high in January.

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It has not been good for Wall Street in recent days. Investors’ are panic about inflation which has led the Federal Reserve to take certain measures.  Other influence for the recent stocks’ poor performance include wars, supply chains, Communist China’s economic issues, a slowdown in the country’s economy and more. The possibility of a constant stock market volatility always exists can also influence by news.

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