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Translated by: HA Multilingual Group – Leo M

On May 22, 2010, an audio recording of a private conversation purported by Zhang Wenhong, the director of Communist China’s National Center for Infectious Diseases and the director of the Department of Infection at Huashan Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, spread widely on the network. In the conversation, the speaker revealed many details about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s pandemic control that are unknown to the public, and argued that vaccinations should be stopped immediately.

First, Dr. Zhang Wenhong admitted that the CCP virus itself has a serious “antibody-dependent enhancement” or ADE effect. The CCP vaccine is not well-developed, and the attenuated inactivated vaccine has higher biological toxicity than the other two types of vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines and mRNA vaccines which are associated with higher research risks. From the angles of interests of pharmaceutical companies and the personal ethics of pharmaceutical R&D practitioners, Dr. Zhang Wenhong said the promotion of vaccines by global pharmaceutical companies is solely driven by the perspective of capital gains of pharmaceutical companies.

In addition, Dr. Zhang also revealed that the CCP’s so-called mobile-cabin hospitals do not even meet the most basic standards of infectious disease control, and that the CCP authorities want to put the Chinese people in the mobile-cabin mainly because they fear that after large-scale vaccination, there will be more widespread multiple infections in the population due to the ADE effect and the ability of the mutated strain of Omicron to escape from the surveillance of the existing vaccine. At the same time, Zhang Wenhong acknowledged the low lethality of the Omicron strain, so there were no mass cases of severe illness or death in mobile-cabin hospitals.

Furthermore, the CCP shamelessly categorizes deaths caused by vaccination as non-epidemic deaths to deny the ADE effect of the CCP virus and its vaccine and escape future international accountability. Dr. Zhang Wenhong believes that given the ADE effect of the CCP virus and its vaccines, widespread vaccination against the CCP virus must be ceased as soon as possible. If young people and children are continually vaccinated, their bodies’ immune systems will be irreversibly damaged.


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