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Image source: The Epoch Times & Athena Design Team

During the show “American Thought Leader” on May 17, Senator Rubio said that the CCP regime leverages the dependence of U.S. companies on the Chinese market to pressure the U.S. government, pursue its military ambitions to unify Taiwan, and replace the United States as the world’s only superpower. So in the future, if the CCP decides to invade Taiwan, they will tell the U.S. that if the U.S were to meddle in Taiwan or Japan or any other territory they want to go to, they would cut off the supply chain.

The CCP is well aware the enterprises that rely on these things will pressure Congress because it would hurt the U.S. economy and make U.S. policymakers feel threatened.

Rubio said that if a manufacturer “is in your state and is one of the largest employers in your state, you as a senator are going to go over there and argue on their behalf—and by doing so, arguing on behalf of the Chinese position on that issue.” Therefore, the “leverage China potentially has over America and the West is extraordinary,” he said.

The CCP has been hiding its plans to replace the United States as the world’s next superpower, using the argument that it is developing from a very poor level and is no threat to anyone.

Now the CCP has torn off its disguise. However, in the United States and the whole world, people’s perceptions or urgency to deal with threats have not fundamentally changed. Whatever benefits U.S. companies receive in the Chinese market will probably not last.

Rubio argued that the U.S should proceed from the best interest of the country and put in place policies that are the right things to do for the country, even if doing so may hurt a few companies.

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