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Translated by:  MOS Buddhism Team-Accelerator

According to Al Jazeera on May 20th, at the just concluded meeting of the G7 finance ministers in Koenigswinter, Germany, the leaders reached a consensus on further assistance to Ukraine and released a statement agreeing to provide $19.8 billion in economic aid to help Ukraine fill the gap. At the same time, the G7 would deliver essential services to the Ukrainian people and ensure Ukraine’s finances must have no influence on its ability to defend itself from Russia’s invasion. In addition, the leaders said the G7 would continue its support for Ukraine, take more actions when necessary and do their utmost to end this war.

German finance minister Christian Lindner believed that the economic assistance would secure the liquidity the Ukrainian government this year.

In addition, the finance ministers of the G7 also grappled with deepening inflation, food security concerns and other economic issues during their talks.


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