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Translated by:  MOS English Team—Sania

On Miles Guo‘s Grand Live Broadcast on May 20, a fellow fighter asked him for advice on how to act against tyranny for the Chinese people, especially for those living in Xinjiang. Miles Guo made it clear that under the current circumstance, any individual’s power is so small that doing anything is overestimating one’s capabilities. There are only two options you can do as an individual: either do nothing, or leave if you can. 

But Miles Guo also told that for the fellow fighters in Communist China that while you may not rebel against the regime, you must ensure not to collaborate with the CCP and sacrifice the interests of others for yourself.

Miles stated that those fellow fighters in Communist China are deemed decent and great as long as they do not help the CCP, and it’d be even better if they could find a way to leave for safer place. It’d be ignorant to try to fight against the regime on impulse, that’d mean you are overestimating your capabilities. Furthermore, it would be deemed criminal to encourage others to do so.


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