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Translated by MOS English Team — Juliet

Canadian Industry Minister Champagne announced on the 19th that Ottawa intends to exclude Huawei and ZTE from Canada’s 5G network, and suppliers that had installed such equipment would be required to stop using them and remove them. By June 2024, businesses must remove installed 5G equipment from the two companies at their own expense.

In addition to this, Public Safety Minister Mendicino announced that Canada would propose new laws to protect critical financial, telecommunications, energy, and transportation infrastructure from cyber threats.

Image source: pixabay

Huawei and ZTE’s global deployment of 5G networks is the key to the CCP’s attempt to dominate the world. As Miles Guo said, the CCP can steal the secrets of any country through the 5G network. For the security of Canada, it is urgent to ban Huawei and ZTE equipment!

Five Eyes and other allies have also banned the devices from the two Communist Chinese companies.

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