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On May 19, 2022, in Przemysil, Weilan and Jingliang met Kateryna, a Ukrainian lady who was returning home. She said that the war had brought pain to mankind, families, and countries, and forced her to separate from her husband, and she firmly believed that Ukraine will become a stronger country and will not allow foreign invasion to happen. She is very grateful to the New Federal State of China and all the people who help Ukraine. The truth will prevail, and the truth will last forever!

The following is the content of the interview among Weilan and Jingliang, volunteers of the New Federal State of China, and Kateryna, a Ukrainian woman who is about to return to Ukraine.

Jing Liang: “Hello everyone, here’s Weilan and Jingliang. Kate is behind us, right?”

Kateryna: “Kateryna.”

Jing Liang: “Where are you from?”

Kateryna: “I was born in Kharkov and live in Kyiv. After the war started, I was in Kyiv for 50 days. Then I went to Poland and spent a month in Warsaw and Gdańsk in Poland.”

Jing Liang: “I see. So you were in Poland for a month, didn’t you?”

Kateryna: “Yes, only one month.”

Jing Liang: “Only one month. You said you lived in Kyiv, but how is Kharkov now? Is your family there? or somewhere else?”

Kateryna: “My family is not there now. My family has been in Kharkov for about two weeks since the war broke out. But now they have to go elsewhere, of course, for safety reasons. Now my own home is for refugees who have to flee Kharkov. So there are people in Ukraine who are unable to return to their homes, and I am like these people.”

Jing Liang: “I understand.”

Kateryna: “It’s dangerous. The Ukrainian government says it’s dangerous to go back to Ukraine, but it’s my own decision. I decide to go back to Ukraine because my husband is in Kyiv, I don’t have kids, I’m only responsible for myself and my husband. If I have kids, I can’t go back because it’s dangerous there. When we have (air raids) there’s a lot of noise.”

Jing Liang: “Missile.”

Kateryna: “Yes, yes. And nowhere in Ukraine is safe right now.”

Jing Liang: “That’s right.”

Kateryna: “I hate what’s happening now, because my life is ruined and I don’t know who I am now. Sorry!”

Jing Liang: “Ok! It’s alright, cry it out loud. Everyone who sees this video understands the damage that war does to human beings, families, and a country, and we hate war, and we want peace and we want to live in harmony with each other. That’s why our organization has been in Medyka helping refugees for two months, and we’ve been there since early March. We’ve heard so many stories about your fellow citizens, and sometimes it sounds sad. So don’t worry, we all understand you.”

Wei Lan: “Do you know your husband’s situation at present? Do you call him every day?”

Kateryna: “My husband is safe. He’s a taxi driver. Because he doesn’t have a job here, our lives are ruined and everything has changed. There are few jobs in Kyiv now, but I think everything can change. We can change the situation here, and we have to do everything we can to make it better.”

Jing Liang: “Yes, that’s the spirit.”

Kateryna: “I want to say thanks to you and to everyone who helps Ukraine. I can’t imagine that two Chinese people can help Ukraine now, which is just amazing to me because China is so far away from Ukraine. Thank you for all your help for Ukrainian refugees, thank you forever!”

Jing Liang: “You’re welcome. You know, we’re here to help because we believe in the goodness of human nature, the value of human beings, not dictatorships like Putin or even the Chinese Communist Party endanger people all over the world. And one more question for you: After this war, what is your expectation for your country’s future? What do you want to come true?”

Kateryna: “Not only in the future, now I know Ukraine is going to be a very strong country and we will not allow any bad people to break into our houses and homes, into our country and territory to cause disaster and carnage. I don’t believe that Russia can bring peace to us, it’s not like that. I believe that truth will prevail, tolerance will prevail, and we have to show the world the real situation to protect our country.”

Jing Liang: “Yes, that’s right, the truth wins! Only the truth can’t be beaten! This is also the motto of our organization: Only the truth can’t be beaten. Thank you, Kateryna, thank you very much!”

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