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There are far fewer refugees in the Medyka camp than at the beginning of the Ukraine war, so there is very little need for NFSC volunteers to continue staying in Ukraine. Therefore, it has been decided that NFSC volunteers will be leaving Ukraine next Tuesday.

During the great hunger in 1960 in China, some of the medical effects caused by starvation on women were ovary prolapse and the stopping of the menstrual cycle. It was testicular atrophy and prolapse of the rectum for men, causing uncontrollable yellowish discharge. Starvation can also cause eyeballs to detach from the eye sockets. According to a historical document, great hunger killed off 58% of the population in Sichuan alone. It was said that Mao Zedong’s appetite increased whenever he heard people dying of starvation. China will be experiencing a similar famine of great magnitude, only worse. In 1960, the crop production capability of China’s farmland was still able to prevent the 400 million population from dying. However, today’s China food production cannot sustain the population and depends on importing 40% of its food.

In future, food in China can no longer be purchased with cash, making money useless. Only food coupons could allow ordinary citizens to get food during the great hunger. Food coupon was something learnt from past communist Russia. The Party (CCP) will have complete control over food distribution and the food supply chain. The digitalisation of the Chinese Yuan will allow the CCP to use the power of distributing money to determine who has food and who will not, thus replacing the need for food coupons.

Since March, the lockdown in Shanghai has lasted, demonstrating the servitude and hardship China people can endure without causing any political instability to the CCP. CCP is very good at creating a hierarchical power system where no one from a lower hierarchical level can challenge the people above him. Currently, Xi Jinping is at the apex of the hierarchy and holds absolute power in China. The ratio of CCP members to ordinary citizens is around 1:100. In the hierarchical power system, some bottom-level CCP members think that each CCP member is entitled to subjugate 100 ordinary citizens under the equal division of the population.

In China’s political power struggle, Wang Qishan, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu and Han Zheng are the enemies of Xi. Zeng Qinghong is the greatest threat to Xi as he has intelligence and people connections. Meng Jianzhu and Han Zheng are working for Zeng Qinghong. There is a very slim chance that Zeng will overthrow Xi even when many of his people are already being fixed. If Xi were to die tomorrow, the people whom the deep state wishes to work with most regarding China issues are Zeng Qinghong and Wang Qishan, two politicians who had previous dealings with the deep state on Wall Street.

The recent monkeypox outbreak is caused by the post-vaccine side effect, contrary to what the media says. The pox started first in the breasts, genitals and rectum for females and rectum and armpits for males.

The fall of Hong Kong had brought hatred for CCP to the deep state as it damaged her financial interest in Asia. Hong Kong elites who have moved abroad are working together with the deep state to plan another great protest campaign in Hong Kong. The deep state will partly fund this campaign. Without tens of billions of dollars, the campaign can never come to fruition. The Chinese Whistleblower Movement was the biggest financer for the 2017 Hong Kong protest. The next big campaign will be a non-violent movement meant to disrupt the normal workings of society, such as the people stopping going to work and mass immigration.

China is now undergoing the next extreme level of design economy and design society where every sphere of the economy is under the control of the CCP, and the people’s thoughts and actions are further unified, resulting in the death of self-identity and inquisitive thoughts. Future China will place significant restrictions on the movement of the people.

The CCP thinks that the money and gold it had accumulated in past prosperous years, together with the people’s savings that can be seized at any moment, is enough for CCP to continue paying the 80 million members and survive for the next 30 years.

When the Solana crypto coin was first released, it was touted as the Ethereum killer. Since Ethereum is the deep state’s prized asset, any talk about Ethereum killer is just pure bullshit or ignorance. Solana is just another crypto scheme by Wang Qishan, similar to Tether and Binance. Most of the money flowing into Solona can be tracked from Singapore and Japan, where CCP has parked their money. Binance does not have a headquarter and did not have a legal crypto license for a long time. If things go south and Binance decides to disappear, investors will find it almost impossible to demand accountability from the company, and the same applies to Solana. When one crypto coin falls, another one will take its place, thus continuing the musical chair scam. The top 20 most traded cryptocurrencies, as listed in the coin market, all have owners able to control the price. There is no such thing as algorithmically determined stablecoin as the things they are being hedged on are inherently unstable themselves. Luna coin was purposefully made to plunge to zero. There is no way the promised close to 20% interest can materialise, and people should have suspected Luna to be a Ponzi scheme.

Steve Wynn made 5 to 7 billion dollars a year colluding with CCP, and most money was paid from Macau.

The deadline set by the China central political and legal affairs commission for self-confession for involving parties in the legal cases of Sun Lijun, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianshu and Fu Zhenghua is over. The estimated 2.8 thousand members of the China central political and legal affairs commission police department, 5 thousand members in the monitoring and tracking department and 3 to 10 thousand from the society department are all deemed to have been involved in those cases. Only 476 people from the police department have made their confessions. The arrest of these people had started two days ago, all done in secrecy. The top echelon has decided not to spare a single person and is prepared to put 100k people on trial. Starting in June, Xi’s administration will make large scale arrests in entire China to clean out any influence left by Sun Lijun, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianshu and Fu Zhenghua. These people now still have a chance to escape. Those who have evidence relating to the crimes of Sun Lijun, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianshu and Fu Zhenghua can hand the evidence over to NFSC, and NFSC will ensure compensation and 30 days of free lodging and food.

Source:Miles Guo’s 22nd May 2022 Broadcast Highlights

Published/Edited by: Lish

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