Written by: Ermat

That year was an eternal pain in Hong Kong. The bloody, violent repression and killing continued for months, in stark contrast to the described beautiful Pearl of the Orient, a century-old civilization, and a world-famous bustling city. While people have to swallow the bitter fruit, the seeds of revenge have also been buried deep. As sung in the song, “Let the sea breeze blow for five thousand years, and every teardrop seems to express your dignity…” The tears of Hong Kong people will not be shed in vain.

In a live broadcast on May 22, Mr. Guo said that the swamps will give Hong Kong people network support and economic support, and Hong Kong people will use technology to fight to change Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is definitely one of the most central reasons for the West’s hatred of the CCP, as it has been largely westernized for a century. If Hong Kong had lived a better life after the handover, the West would have resentment, but not necessarily hatred. But when the Chinese Communist Party completely killed Hong Kong and turned it into Yang Gailan, the West could not stand it and went from resentment to hatred. Mr Guo explained why the West hates the Chinese Communist Party.

Now, in the eyes of Westerners, it is impossible to restore Hong Kong to the way it was before, but it is possible to bring Hong Kong back to its former state after the CCP has been wiped out. But now Hong Kong is silently enduring it like this, and Westerners can’t stand it either. There are two options, one is to take measures from Hong Kong’s economy, and the other is to fund all the resistance forces in Hong Kong. Mr. Kwok expounded on two options for the West to help Hong Kong.

Economically there has been a major withdrawal now, with international corporate headquarters, including technology companies and the religious sector, also largely withdrawn. Economically, the Hong Kong dollar will definitely disappear and will definitely be decoupled. Economically, the West is doing the same, so now all that remains is to fund the opposition forces. As far as I know, the governments in the West are not that active, the most aggressive are the Western swamps, where a lot of money will come in.

Mr Guo added that from 2019 onwards, there have been millions of elites coming out of Hong Kong and going into exile all over the world. They have language, culture, tools, money, vision and connections. As far as I know, during the first period of time, in a meeting somewhere in Europe, these elites in Hong Kong were promised for the first time by the swamp that they would get all their network support, and financial support.

I believe that in the next Hong Kong movement people will never go to the streets with five major demands, that won’t work, there will be a new approach. Firstly, on the Internet, I will use the Internet to launch attacks on the Hong Kong Garrison Office, the Hong Kong Garrison, and all the organizations in Hong Kong that have killed the students, this is not illegal and you will have nowhere to hide. Secondly, I will launch a general strike in Hong Kong, which is a legitimate demand as far back as human history. Third, the world is not cooperating with all the officials, trade and finance of Hong Kong, it is not called sanctions, not necessarily US sanctions.

Mr. Guo said that the non-violent movement in Hong Kong has gained the support of the whole world and the swamp supports them to fight in a modern and technological way, which will perhaps be a new way for humanity to change a regime.


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